Woodlands Astucia Solar Road Stud deliver 10 x greater visibility of the layout of the road ahead and have already reduced road accidents by over 70% at their UK installation sites.

What's more, since they charge and activate via natural sun light, they don't rely on headlight reflection.

Let's put that into perspective. As a motorist driving at a speed of 100km/h, your reaction time to scope out the road ahead is predicted to be over 30 seconds.

That's a dramatic difference compared with conventional retro-reflective road studs which offer you only 3.2 seconds.

Even in poor conditions (rain and fog or surface spray) where traditional retro-reflectors and road markings are less visible, SolarLite studs continue to shine brightly guiding you safely.

Woodlands Astucia Solar Road Studs are also more robust and durable than traditional road studs meaning they've a lower overall cost than a retro-reflective road stud and better longevity.

Just a few hours of daylight will provide enough battery power to last days - more than enough to ensure the system operates all year round whatever the weather and wherever the location in the world.

Woodlands Astucia Solar Road Studs are fully Type Approved by the United Kingdom Department for Transport.

Features Up to 900m of visibility.
8 hours of sunlight will produce 240 hours illumination.
Vandal proof design.
8-10 year lifespan.
Superior battery and charging circuits designed to maintain light outputs throughout a full annual cycle.
Use where street lighting is either unavailable, not cost effective or environmentally not possible.
Ideally suited to centre line and slip road use.
Low profile of less than 4mm above the road surface.
Motorcycle and bicycle friendly.
Maintenance free - fully self contained.
Full range of colour options for all delineation use including amber, red, white or green.
Benefits Proven reduction in night time accidents of over 70% on current UK installations.
10 times greater visibility for drivers than traditional reflective road studs.
Additional "preview" time for drivers on winding roads.
Ability to see road delineation in reduced visibility caused by fog, rain or surface spray.
Highlights sharp bends, dips in the road and other hazards.
Visible delineation on wet roads where white lines become invisible due to impaired reflected light.
Effective additional driver safety when used in conjunction with street light reduction schemes.
Other uses Pedestrian pathway delineation and marking.
Cycle path delineation and route ‘way-marking'.
Demarcation of combined pedestrian and cycle paths so that cyclists and pedestrian are separated.
Airports – taxiways, pushbacks, fire routes and periphery areas (including by-pass and aprons).
Car parks and architectural designs.