Through-colour Composite Decking
Made in USA, RITEDECK timber composite decking by Rightwood (Formerly Durodeck) has most of the attributes of timber with added advantages such as no maintenance, high durability and strength which provide a long-term aesthetically pleasing and cost effective outcome. Contributing to RITEDECK timber composite decking’s outstanding physical properties, is the use of patented Strandex technology which offers superior thermal stability and increased UV resistance. This technology is the secret behind the success of this product in the most extreme Australian conditions.


Heavy Duty Composite Decking
RITEBOARD by Rightwood (Formerly Marine Board) is a stunning wood composite decking with superior water and UV resistance that makes it the perfect product for use in building boardwalks, marinas, boat docks, jetties and other waterfront structures. Produced in USA using patented extrusion technology, RITEBOARD will look great and perform well years after real wood has needed replacing many times over. These benefits along with low maintenance and spanning capabilities of up to 600mm between joists make it the ideal product for heavy duty high traffic areas.


Steel Deck Framing & Accessories
RITEFRAME deck framing (Formerly Deckframe) is a heavy duty steel deck sub-framing system which can be easily used in most decking applications and offers fast, cost-effective installation and excellent long-term durability. RITEFRAME deck framing is made entirely from steel which means it is termite proof and is the ideal solution for any termite and insect prone areas where timber is a concern. Furthermore RITEFRAME deck framing is non-combustible with 0 indices for flame-spread, flammability, ignigtability and smoke development so is suitable for all areas up to BAL 40
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